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Who are we?

Hamilton Turnberry design and sell high quality baby changing bags. What make us different is that even though our baby bags are of the highest quality they are at an affordable price. We have a bag to suit everyones budget. But the one thing that makes our bags stand out in the crowds is they do not look like your average changing bag! They look like handbags! Not everybody wants to carry around the standard baby changing bag that so many of us use. We dont want to conform to the norm! We want to carry around a stylish baby changing bag. A Hamilton Turnberry baby changing bag. 


Designed by a Mum for Mums and Dads

Just because you are having a baby does not mean you have to ditch your handbag and carry around the average cloth baby bag. Which are usually too small anyway so we end up carrying our handbag and our changing bag. Hamilton Turnberry baby bags look like a handbag but they are big enough so you can fit all your baby essentials in plus all your personal items. On the inside each bag has numerous pockets for nappies, wipes, clips for keys, pockets, thermal bottle pockets and plenty of space for clothes. On the outside they look like a designer handbag! Our bags are designed with mums and dads in mind!

We have all of our beautiful designer bags for the mums but we also have the leather unisex vinnie bag which has been designed with Dads in mind.  Each bag also comes with a full accessory pack which includes a changing mat bag,  which can be used on its own. Also included are stroller straps., thermal bottle holder and a wet pouch for keeping wet bibs etc in. Some of our bags even have a removable inside. Take the inside pocket out and your bag is transformed into your handbag. 

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