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""I had 6 size 5 nappies, 6 size 3 nappies, 2 bottles, 2 half packets of wipes, bag full of medicines, gripe water, infacol, container with 3 lots of formula, both of the babies red books, the changing mat that came with the bag, my purse and a teething ring or two. There was still plenty of space for extra clothing for both of them as well. I can't believe how much I can get in there. I love it x"

my Bobbie bag

""Recived my bobbie changing bag today couldn't be more happier with it come all wrapped lovely and in a nice bag all boxed and well protected delivery was quick and everything was just so straight forward defiantly would recommend ordering from this website I am more than pleased with my purchase thank you xx""

""Just to let you know,I received my Bobbie bag Friday!!Omg it's gorgeous!!!!I cannot wait for it to be in use looking beaut on my pram!!!Thank you very much for your speedy delivery and fab service!!""

""Just would like to say how happy I am with your service... Ordered the gorgeous bobbie bag yesterday and it's just arrived! Such swift delivery and the packaging is brilliant, I cannot wait to start using it in a few months when baby is here... One very happy customer!! Thank you 😊😊😊""

"Recieved my Bobbie bag today! 💖 I don't normally like bags but with having a toddler and one on the way I needed a bigger bag. Never fallen in love with a bag so much before, I love my Bobbie bag it's fab, looks amazing and theres so much room, also I love the extras, bottle bag and changing mat etc. The lining is beautiful too! Thank you Hamilton Turnberry! 😍 😍"

"My bag arrived today and I must say it's absolutely beautiful! It's so big I will definitely be able to fit in everything I need and still have room for toys and treats, It also came well packaged so arrived without any damage from courier! I've always been a bag person and when having a baby you don't get 'nice bags' but this is honestly lovely (I would have had it even without a baby!) and so cheap for what it is and the extras that come with it! I'm so pleased and can't thank you enough and if you could send me a link on how to leave a review I definitely will be! X"

"Thank you so much for my Bobbie bag, it's amazing!!!! Filling it up as we speak!
Be brilliant for our holiday end of the month, has so much room!"

""Just wanted to say I absolutely love love love my Hamilton changing bag!! The quality and design is amazing 😍 xx

"Just got my mum to order my new changing bag and purse for my 30th can't wait to get, Ive had few changing bag in the last two years. But I love the fact that this one looks like a hand bag( I love hand bags but had to change them for changing bags lol)"

""I cannot say enough about my bag I got the Hamilton and highly recommend it pictures don't do them justice and value for money even my very picky husband liked it he was a bit "it's a bit girly" but once he see it he could see why this is why I wanted a nice bag for me and baby, don't second think it peeps do it treat yourself 💗👛""

"I love love love mine, perfect for the boys, 8 months and 3 years, plenty of room for bottles, snacks, change of clothes for 3 year old, nappies, water for myself, purse and so much more then take the removable inside out and it's perfect for a business bag for meetings, fits folders in perfectly with handy pockets for stationary x"

"Have been eyeing up your beautiful London bag for a while and working out how to phase out my current changing bag so that I NEEDED a replacement 😉. Well my amazing hubby has surprised me this morning, it's our 3rd wedding anniversary (hooray for leather). I have received said beautiful bag and am so excited. The packaging is beautiful and the bag really is more wonderful in real life. Just wondering if I can secretly purchase the Hamilton for my hospital bag 🙈xx"

"Received my changing bag today and it's exceeded my expectations! Quality is unreal, it looks designer and cool yet has all the necessary space and compartments inside to store baby things. Perfect for those that aren't the typical mumsy mums! #ExtremelyHappyCustomer 👌🏻"

"My perfect london arrived at her forever home today! We gelled instantly! It was meant to be 😂 I cant believe it is actually 100 × better than i dreamt! So shiny and big 😍😍😍 Not even embarrased to confess that this pregnant hormonal lady may have cried! Thank you xx"

""My Ricchi bag arrived today and it's better than I could of expected. Well packaged, quick delivery, fab customer service, I can't wait to start using it! I would definitely recommend your company without a doubt!
I love love love it ❤️❤️❤️""

""I have just received by changing bag today and may I just say I am over the moon about how amazing the bag is! The quality of all the products and how beautifully designed the bag is is just amazing!!! I never really write reviews or anything so please know that this is extremely sincere and if you have anywhere where I can write a review about the product please let me know!!! I can't stress enough how honestly happy I am with the changing bag, so Thankyou "

" "Hi, I wanted to make contact to say how very impressed I am with my bag. I never buy anything for myself but will spend every spare penny on my husband and children. When I opened the bag and saw the quality & I was excited. I realised the inside can unpop and becomes a handbag I was overjoyed!!! I actually can't wait for the next 5 weeks to pass so my daughter can be born and I can use the bag! I recall seeing on your site that you have matching purses for the bags and will definitely be purchasing one. I don't often write reviews but felt I really had to let you know how receiving this bag has made me feel.....you probably hear it often from customers but it definitely is a massive compliment to have me actually excited about an accessory. So, many thanks and I'm so so glad your site popped up on my facebook. Tracey Johnson x""

""recieved my Ricchi bag today i love it. its really spacious & beautiful looks better than on the website. cant wait to pack my little ladies bag & use it when shes here thankyou!xx ""

""What a fantastic shipping turnaround time.. I've literally just received my order to Northern Ireland I've never had such a fast shipment ever and I couldn't be happier with not only the delivery but the item itself I chose the Ricchi and it's Devine... it's like buying yourself a new handbag that's fashionable yet practical! Highly recommend! Thanks so much!""

""Purchased a bag on Thursday late night and im amazed at the customer service absolutely 5 star! Ive been looking to purchase a bag for some time now debating what one i want as there all beautiful! But went with the Richi, had a panic as i thought it wouldnt arrive in time for my holiday but it arrived today as you hurried my delivery just so it would come today! This is one of the many reasons i love supporting business like this and getting totaly amazing service was a bonus! Thanks once again will be recommending to all my friends and family!""

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